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Car Windows Repaired & Replaced

For a full mobile service for car & truck glass repair & replacement throughout Auckland:

Give us a call on 0800 663 225

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Windscreen Chip Repair North Shore 0800 663 225

Car window chip repair

Chip Repairs to car windscreens are a fast and cheap way to solve a broken windscreen.

These types of damage (this one around 25mm) are able to be repaired at a minimal cost. Continue reading

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Windscreen Replacement – Fast Mobile Service

Windscreen ReplacementThis type of damage is a perfect candidate for our mobile service.  The vehicle is clearly not able to be driven, and needs a replacement windscreen.

Despite the broken glass in the vehicle and the windscreen being caved into the vehicle, our mobile service is perfectly equipped to replace this windscreen AND clean up the mess. Continue reading

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Mobile Windscreen Repair

Callout car glass 0800 663 225Sometimes your car is simply not drivable to a repairer!

We offer an Auckland-wide mobile windscreen repair & replacement service to save you the dramam of moving a damaged vehicle.

Almost ALL of our work is now done by call-out, so we’ve had plenty of experience in repairing windscreens at the customers home or place of work.

All windscreen repairs can be carried out via our mobile windscreen repair service and we don’t charge any extra for the service.

Give us a call on 0800 663 225 to have your windscreen repaired at your place!

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Windscreens Auckland |PH 0800 663 225|

Windscreens Auckland – Mobile Workshop Service for Windscreen Repairs, Windscreen replacements and shattered window replacement.

Our mobile service is fully equipped to repair or replace any glass in your car.

Windscreen replacement is one of our specialties and we can replace most windscreens in around one-hour.

Our mobile glaziers go all over Auckland to repair & replace windscreens.

If you’re in need of a windscreen in Auckland, give us a call on 0800 663 225 and ask us to send a mobile glazier to you in Auckland.

Click here to go to our contact page.


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Nissan Primera Windscreen Replacements

Nissan Primera’s are one of our most common windscreen replacement jobs ever!

So far, the Nissan Motor company have released three models of Nissan Primera, designated by the beginning of their chassis codes:

P10 (Years 1990-1994)

P11 (Years 1995 -1999)

P12 (Years 2000 – )

We stock the front windscreens for all these models, all the time!

If your Nissan Primera needs a windscreen repair or replacement, give us a call on 0800 663 225.

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Side Window Repair for Cars in Auckland

Ever come back to your car and seen this?

Car theft or damage seems to be more common in Auckland lately.

Of course, we see plenty of it.   Whilst it is a good idea not to leave valuables in the vehicle, we still see lots of vehicles having been broken into where nothing was in the vehicle. (Not even a flash stereo!).

The best advice we can offer to help prevent this type of car break-in:

* Don’t park your vehicle in a dimly lit street

* Don’t have obvious sticker on the outside of the vehicle advertising what type of stereo or alarm equipment might be installed.

* Don’t assume that a paid car parking building will guarantee no break-ins (because of camera’s etc). We go to HEAPS of jobs in parking buildings.

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Auckland-Wide Mobile Repair Service |0800 663 225|

Smashed Windscreen? Ph 0800 663 225Lately there seems to be a rash of vandalism to car glass.  Our glaziers are bringing back pictures of extremely damaged glass.

This vehicle had a concrete drain block thrown at the windscreen.  In this case, despite being laminated safety glass, the rock has actually penetrated the lamination and entered the vehicle.

Damage this bad is rather rare.

Need a windscreen repair or replacement within Auckland?

Give us a call on 0800 663 225 or click here to go to our contact page.

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Bonnet Damaged Windscreens

We see plenty of windscreens damaged by a bonnet flying up and hitting the glass.  More often than not this cuases unrepairable damage to the windscreen and requires a replacement.

Worse still, if the bonnet does hit the window, the chances of damaging the bonnet are also high.

It’s a good idea to ensure your bonnet catch is working properly to prevent expensive damage like this occurring.

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Mercedes Benz Windscreen Replacements 0800 663 225

smashed vandalized windscreenHere’s another pic of a vandalised vehicle windscreen.

This Auckland CBD owner came back to a parking building to find his Mercedes Windscreen completely smashed.

Our vans are all well equipped to provide a complete replacement service wherever the vehicle may be in Auckland.

This Mercedes Benz Windscreen was replaced in the same parking space it was damaged.



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